Hybrid Ghillie Suit Woodland Brown


Ghillie Suit Sizes
    Full Cover Advanced Concealment Construction - Woodland Ghillie Suit - High Quality Ghille Suit   Progressive Combination of 3D Fabric and 3D String Design Attached Full Cover Drawstring Hood Button Jacket provides easy on and off Hybrid Ghillie Suit weighs approximately 3 to 5 pounds depending on size Camouflage Carry / Storage Bag Great for hunting, paintball, airsoft

Customer Reviews

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Had my hybrid jacket for about 3 years now. I cant talk enough of how much I love this jacket. Its light but well constructed and helps keep you warm on a windy cold day. Without a doubt the best hunter's ghillie suit on the market. Mostly you just see those silly looking leafy suits. I've had several close encounters with deer on the ground.

Just tonight I was running late for a quick hunt so I walked out to a greenfield sat down under a tree in a small group of 2" pine saplings. I had two button bucks walk out about 4pm and hung around feeding not 20 yards from where I was sitting for at least 30 minutes. They never saw me! Only when my leg started to cramp and I had to start moving did they ever notice something nearby and even then they couldnt tell what I was so they just trotted off. I never got busted! Love this thing!


awesome and seems duable, plenty of room to add some elastic bands to add natural veg if thats what you want also.

Justin Larsen
unreal how bad it was

I thought I would get something halfway decent for 100 bucks, but it was falling apart upon arrival and looks light it was made in 10 minutes. you won't be able hiding from anything in this POS....

Timothy B.
Great Camo!

Provides great concealment in many different types of landscape.
Lightweight and very packable in its own nylon mesh bag.
The fact that it doesn’t have as much string in it like other Ghillie suits, makes it very nice for archery hunters not having to worry as much about all the string material possibly getting in the way of bow string and arrow release.
Nice product.